Thursday, January 28, 2010

Word Verification Balderdash (17)

Word Verification Balderdash
Word Verification Balderdash is a weekly meme now hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia. He is a Balderdash genius, so be sure to stop by and check out his site!

Balderdash is a pretty easy game. You know all of those annoying word verifications you have to deal with when posting comments on certain blogs? Be sure to write them down, then play Balderdash by making up your own definition for the word!

Here are my words for the week:

Vultish: Having characteristics of, relating to, or of Vult, the 16th occupied planet in the Xenon Galaxy. 

Derske: Insulting term used to refer to one who acts like a dumb jerk, popular with elementary school children.

Minyl: Revolutionary new means of recording and storing audio on one inch wide, flat, oval-shaped minerals; primarily mica, jett, and black coral.

Sompbawg: Term referring to the thick, bog-like drink made from the fruit of the somp. Popular during medieval times, occasionally used as an insult to cast aspersions upon one's intelligence.

Catmedne: Medication used primarily in the prevention and treatment of Cat Scratch Fever. Side effects may include excessive clearing of the throat, uncontrollable urges to lick oneself, and extended periods of sleep.

Phtlypie:  definition?

Had so many good definitions suggested  last week for Chednely that I thought I would open the floor again. Anything come to mind for Phtlypie? I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, as this word has so many possibilities!


  1. Great words this week and I'll be avoiding Sompbawg like I do spider monkeyes and clowns.

  2. I love minyl. :)

    Let's see... Phtlypie is a nutrient found in plants. It's related to lycopene, but it occurs in plants that are blue in colour.

  3. Ryan - Ewwwwww...clowns! *L*

    La Coccinelle - Very creative definition! Great job on your words this week!

  4. Always AMAZING with you words. You make me jealous. I have to say catmedne made me laugh. That one is great!

    Phtlypie - hmmm, what can I come up with... the surgical proceedure done to help with the phlym production in sinuses, this eliminates the over production that causes the allergys, sinus infections, and great sinus pressure in your cheek bones.

    Okay, can you tell my sinuses are bothering me with this crazy weather we are having. The temperature changing so dramaticly has my face aching. Oh well, it will all stop soon enough...for a short time.

  5. Melissa - My sinuses have been bothering me too, so guess I'm a candidate for phtlypie as well! *L*

  6. Great to be back, many thanks for your support.
    I'm managing to resist the urge to lick myself but otherwise am showing all the classic signs of the side effects of catmedne - is that bad, do I need to see a doctor?

  7. Alexia - Any thing to help with the pain and pressure. lol. I would definitely seriously consider the surgery if it would help. lol. Maybe we can get to the top of the list.

  8. Derske reminds me of a name you would find in a Harry Potter book. And Vulish? Yeah, I have some relatives like that....LOL

    Phylypie? It is actually a pie created from the late Charles Phlty the VI. He worked directly under the head chef who cooked for Henry the VIII. Phlty, sadly was never acknowledged during his years of service as the rightful creator of this pie made from fresh peaches and raspberries. Instead the head chef had taken claim to this much favored dessert of Henry's and had named it after himself, Carl Poo.
    Later, the Poo Pie was renamed for its rightful creator.

    LOL - perhaps I have had a bit too much sun today....:)

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