Thursday, January 21, 2010

Word Verification Balderdash (16)

Word Verification Balderdash

Word Verification Balderdash is a weekly meme originated by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through A World Of Books, and now hosted by Ryan at Wordsmithonia.

You know all of those annoying word verifications you have to do when posting comments? Well, playing Balderdash with the words makes everything a little more fun! Just write down the word verifications you come across while posting blog comments, then play Balderdash with them by making up your own definition for the word!

Here are my words for the week:

Sneedion:  A dedicated fan of rapper and producer Sam Sneed. Sometimes confused with Sneadions, fans of one of the top golfers in the history of the game, Sam Snead. This has led to a few awkward and uncomfortable fan conventions in the recent past.

Swific:  The satisfaction felt after cleaning one's house with Swiffer products.

Snowsher:  The flying snow from snow plows that are driving too fast, usually covering just shoveled sidewalks and driveways; a gusher of snow.

Ovents:  An open and observable event with a strong press presence, usually arranged by an overly enthusiastic public relations specialist.

Chednely:  definition?

I'm going to leave the last definition up to you. I sort of like this word, but nothing came to mind for Balderdash. So....what do you think would be a good definition for Chednely?


  1. Love the words this week, very clever.

    Chednely: A new line of cheeses produced by hip hop artist, Nely. He had to dreams growing up. The first was to become a music sensation and bona fide rap star. Now that he has accomplished his first dream he set down to work on his second.

    With the help of a fan, the CEO of Kraft Foods, he started his own dairy farm and a few years later he started producing artisan cheeses.

  2. Chednely is an adverb and is pronounced "KED-neh-lee". It refers to a certain way of walking that was originated by Chris Chedney: instead of swinging the arms from front to back, one swings them from side to side. Walking chednely is frowned upon, especially in close quarters or in antique shops.

  3. imaked: word used by drunkards while streaking in public.

    wardiss: type of criticism used by anti-war protesters.

    emialism - any cooking tip from Chef Emeril

    chednely: a form of chutney eaten in Chester, Wyoming

  4. Ryan - Love your definition of chednely! A master rapper and a cheese maker...boy, Nely is talented! :)

    La Coccinelle - Wondered how it was pronouced...thanks for clearing that up! *L*

    Shannon - Love your words! Wardiss is good, but emialism is bound to become a classic!

  5. Great words! I really hate when I get those snowshers and can't get out of my parking place. That can be annoying. And I have to say I know what the feeling of swific is.

    chednely - I am thinking this is a light white dry wine made in Nellyville. The grapes are grown in Nellyville with special fertilizers inwhich they are the only ones to know what the receipe is.

  6. Melissa - Love it! :)

  7. Oh and I love that you left one open on the play table.... I really cant top all the great ones already said!