Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge - Set Goals

One of the mini challenges in this year's Bloggiesta is to set goals for the coming year. I posted some New Year's Resolutions for my blog not too long ago, but thought I would clarify my goals a bit more. This challenge is hosted by Rebecca at The Book Lady's Blog.

1. Finish all of my reading challenges. Disappointed that I only completed one challenge in 2009, and am determined that 2010 will be my year!

2. Post on a more consistent basis. Right now it's sort of hit and miss, and I'd like to have a more set schedule for my posts.

3. Stop lurking on so many blogs and comment more. I love it when I receive comments, so am sure others appreciate it as well.

4. Have a minimum of 3 "rainy day" posts waiting in the wings for when I'm too busy to write a new post.

5. Reduce the number of books in my TBR stacks.

Will add any future goals as needed, but think that this should do it for the year. Wish me luck!


  1. Those are great goals! Good luck achieving them!

  2. Good luck with your goals! It's hard to reduce the TBR pile while reading reviews for great books every day ;)

  3. Hi Alexia! Thanks for posting on my blog. If you need help staying on track with your goals, maybe consider a blogging buddy? (i.e., I'm available!) Let me know if you're interested, and we can chat :)

  4. Good luck on your 2010 goals! Your blog is so organized and easy to navigate - a motivation to work on my own. :)

  5. I am feeling the same way! 2010 is going to me my year. For what exactly, I am not sure, but it's going to be a rock-on good year.

    So how long does the Bloggiesta last?

  6. I would love to have some more rainy day posts as I seem to have a lot of rainy days!

    J. Kaye - The Bloggiesta lasts all day Sunday and ends early morning Monday. It's 72 hours. Fri, Sat, and Sun. You can find all of the details at my blog.

  7. I love your resolutions. The rainy day post thing is one I need to do as well. I just need to get better at writing down my ideas as they occur, so that I can tweak them later. Good luck on completing your Bloggiesta to-do list! Go Pedro!

  8. Great goals!! :) Hope you keep them!

  9. A rainy day post bank is a great idea, and I'm with you in trying to lurk less and post and comment more. This comment challenge is a great start to that... hopefully by the time it's done, commenting will have become a habit.