Thursday, December 31, 2009

100+ Reading Challenge Wrap Up

The 100+ Reading Challenge was hosted by J.Kaye's Book Blog this year. I didn't finish the challenge as I think I was a little cocky and wasn't paying attention to the number of books I needed to read each month. Here are the books I was able to finish for the challenge:

1. Vision In White
2. Sins & Shadows
3. Red-Headed Stepchild
4. Echoes In The Dark
5. The Photograph
6. Stepsister Scheme
7. Norse Code
8. Die For You
9. Once Dead, Twice Shy
10. Shadow of Betrayal
11. Lover Avenged
12. 0 To 60
13. Chemo KateLynn
14. Finger Lickin' Fifteen
15. Stray
16. Strain
17. Under the Radar
18. Across the Pond
19. My Soul To Take
20. Sucks To Be Me
21. Sandman Slim
22. Under This Unbroken Sky
23. Heck: Where The Bad Kids Go
24. Hunting Ground
25. Unbound
26. Demon Inside
27. Benny & Shrimp
28. Road Trip of the Living Dead
29. The Quickie
30. How To Catch and Keep a Vampire
31. The Child Thief
32. Huntress
33. Rampant
34. Shimmer
35. FastForward
36. Maze Runner
37. Tempest Rising
38. Wicked Game
39. Bed of Roses
40. Defenders of the Scroll
41. A Note From An Old Acquaintance
42. Pastworld
43. Once a Witch
44. Rapacia: Second Circle of Heck
45. Kindred in Death
46. Spellbinder
47. Truly, Madly
48. Las Vegas Then & Now

As you can see, I couldn't even make it to the halfway point. So close, and yet so far. Very embarrassing, but has motivated me to complete this challenge in 2010! I am determined not to fail again, as I know I read more than 100 books a year! Wish me luck!


  1. There are some fun books on that list!

    Good luck on your 2010 reading goal, and Happy New Year! :-)

  2. Good luck next year, I'm still thinking about this one.

  3. that's still a ton of books! don't be so hard on yourself!

  4. Shannon - Thank you!

    Ryan - I wasn't going to do any challenges next year, but somehow wound up with three! They're soooo tempting... *L*

    Marie - Thanks Marie! Hope I don't have to eat my words this time next year! :p

  5. Not embarrassing - A for effort! That rocks! :) Good luck in 2010, I am doing this one as well.

    Happy New year!