Friday, November 13, 2009

To nook or not to nook

Come to the Dark Side!When Barnes & Noble first announced their new eReader, I have to admit that I didn't pay much attention. While I understand their appeal and think it would be a good idea for travel, I'm admittedly not their target audience as I will never give up my physical books. I like the feel and smell and look of books, while I think most electronics are sterile and uninviting. And my bookshelves would be pretty empty with just one little eReader sitting there, all alone.

Yet somehow I was pulled into the nook vs Sony vs Kindle debates. I'm not sure why people are so passionately opposed to the nook, as I think of the three main eReaders out there, it looks like the best one. It's not as bulky or heavy as the other two. Has unique features. Supposed to be the easiest to read. The prices are close enough that it wouldn't be a deciding factor. So why are people up in arms about it?

I've read several complaints about the 14 day lending feature. I think the lending option is pretty cool, and can understand why publishers only want a book lent once as they are concerned about book piracy. To be honest, I'm surprised any publisher agreed to the lending feature! So why are people accusing B&N of lying about it and cancelling their preorders? I'm stumped, as the restrictions were listed on their site, plain as day.

And I've read several complaints about B&N wanting a credit card to unlock the books. While I'm not an expert, I did Google the subject and this seems to be an industry standard. Why all the anger?

I like the looks of the nook and would happily accept one as a gift should anyone want to send me one (email me for my address!), but doubt I would ever buy one. At $259, that's a whole lot of physical books I wouldn't be able to buy! Even if I only downloaded the freebies, it's still too expensive for my tastes.

I love B&N, and think the nook looks pretty cool. Think they were smart to wait before introducing their eReader, so they could see what did and didn't work for Sony and Amazon. And from the hype I've seen so far, the nook is supposed to blow them both out of the water! So could someone please explain to me why so many people seem to be angry at Barnes & Noble about the nook?


  1. I also prefer physical books to these electronic readers, but that nook looks pretty cool. I don't think I would buy one though. Thanks for your comment on my blog; the librarians always check the hold shelf for me too automatically, it's so funny!

  2. I like the hard copies of books better. I can always escape somewhere and relax.
    The nook does look cool, but I doubt I would buy one either.
    Although I agree, if someone decided to send me one for free, I'd be okay with it.

    *L* about prodigal daughters. Mine is so determined to go away that she would go to the U of Alaska to make sure she is far enough away!!!

  3. Steph - Gotta love those wonderful librarians! And maybe Santa will surprise us both with nooks this year? *L*

    Pam - If your daughter is anything like I was, she will miss her mom desperately! But Alaska does seem a little extreme...I wanted to be far enough away to be independent but close enough to be able to visit if needed. Wound up a 3 hour bus ride away. :)

  4. I think it's just the whole my ereader is going to be better than yours that causes the hostility. But some love B&N and hate Amazon and vice versa.

    FYI- I have a Kindle(which I love) and I also just add to add 2 bookcases to hold my paperbooks. ebooks didn't replace them as I had wondered if they might. i just buy lots of books:)

  5. Bookmagic - You may be right with the whole "mine is better than yours" arguement. I love B&N, Borders, and Amazon! Love any place that will get me the books I want! *L*

  6. Hi, Alexia! Hmmm... Now I'm having a tough decision on whether to get the Kindle or the Nook. I'm not a fan of the name Nook though. Hehehe.

  7. Peter - Have to admit that when I heard the name I wondered if they had even bothered with a focus group or if one of the Riggio's had chosen it. Nook is just ripe for so many different jokes that it's beyond funny! Does look pretty slick though.

  8. Out of all the ebook readers, this one sticks out the most to me. However at $259, I really can't afford it. I personally would rather buy $259 worth of books but it's something I definitely would love as a gift, and would use it!

    Not sure why all the anger. Maybe it's stemming from their rivals?

  9. I pre-ordered my nook last week after keeping up with news about the other e-readers. I am not sure why there is so much hostility when it comes to the debate. While I chose the nook for myself, I think people have perfectly legitimate reasons for choosing any of the other options!

    Of course the nook will never replace physical books for me - only supplement them!

  10. Allison - I agree with you, I'd much rather spend $259 on books rather than on an eReader!

    Ashley - You'll have to let us all know what you think when you receive your nook! It does look really cool though, doesn't it? :)

  11. Never been a fan of B&N. Their books are a bit more expensive. And don't slap me, but the tax thing is another reason I avoid them. I should be a good citizen and pay my taxes, but when I can avoid it legally, I do. ;)