Monday, November 16, 2009

Light a candle for me?

Well, I should be at the surgical center by now, waiting for the surgeon to show up. Hopefully, I am drugged and in Happy Land by now. Set the alarm clock for 5am, which I'm pretty sure is considered cruel and unusual punishment! Anyway, I have a bum knee, much pain is involved, and I couldn't put it off any longer. I do not do well with pain, so please send happy thoughts and good wishes my way.

Will be back in a few days. I have stocked up on chips, ice cream, and books, but didn't clean my house. I know what's important and have my priorities! *L*

Update: Just wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes and prayers! My surgery went well, I'm not in too much pain, and I'm back home where I belong. Slept most of the day, and told I'll probably sleep most of tomorrow as well. Thanks again for your well wishes. Means a lot to me. {{hugs}}


  1. Have a quick and speedy recovery!

  2. Lighting a candle sounds so morbid!! :-/

    You'll do great and you'll be home and happy and healthy and pain free before you know it!

    Sending you a lot of good thoughts your way!

  3. Good Luck!

    I know how you feel, I had surgery on both of my knees about 3 years ago and must admit, it wasn't very fun.

    Hopefully they give you crutches to help keep you off of your bad leg for a hospital sucks and wouldn't give me crutches...and I had surgery on both knees at the same time! ~laughs~

    Jessica W.

  4. Oh, good luck to you! You will definitely be in my prayers! Get well soon :)

  5. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

    I like your priorities. They are near perfect. I would also add chocolate. :D

  6. My wishes for a fast recovery! And don't worry about your house...I never clean mine...LOL!


  7. I hope all goes well and you recover quickly!

  8. I hope you are up and feeling better very soon. Sending prayers your way. : )

  9. Good luck to you. All will go well and we will see you back here in just a few days. I hope you have your stack of books within reach so you will have something to do.

  10. Needless to say my thoughts and best wishes are with you. Enjoy your ice-cream and books - don't worry about the cleaning that can wait.

  11. Steph & Ryan - Thank you for the good wishes! :)

    Allison - Isn't there something about lighting a green candle for good health? Think it's either health or money, but both sound good to me! Guess I need to stock up on green candles! *L*b Thanks for the happy thoughts!

    Lizzy - Thank you!

    Jessica - You had surgery on both knees at the same time? Oh my goodness! I understand wanting to get it over with, but can't imagine how tough your recovery must have been. Yikes! Luckily, they gave me crutches so I can hobble around the house. :)

    Krista = Thank you for your prayers! I'm convinced that all of the good wishes and prayers are why my surgery went as well as it did.

    Donna - Knew I'd forget something! Must send hubby out for some chocolate when he gets home. Will console myself with ice cream until then. *L* Thanks!

    thetruebookaddict - Good to know we all have our priorities straight, right? Thank you for the good wishes!

    Alitareads - Thank you! :)

    Pam - Thank you for your prayers! I really apprecite it! {{hugs}}

    Melissa - Thanks! Have my books sitting right next to me, but not sure what I was thinking, as theres 31 of them! Guess I wanted to make sure I had plenty of choices within easy reach! :D

    Petty Witty - Thank you! Figure cleaning can always wait as I have a great excuse now. *L*

  12. Alexia -
    Glad your well and I hope the pain meds are wonderful and work.

    Keep us posted, and stay off the leg no matter how much you want to do stuff. :)

  13. Hi,
    Glad to know you are home and recovering. Your priorities are right and coincide with mine, chips, ice cream and books.

  14. Shellie - Funny you should say that, because I keep wanting to get up & do stuff even though I'm supposed to stay off my leg until Thursday. I'm a terrible patient, because I have no patience! *L*

    Terra - Priorities are important! Books, chips, ice cream, and have added chocolate to the list! Will be restless, but happy. :)

  15. Alexia -
    remember you have a bit to go to heal... take care I have seen many friends push themselves which result in complications.
    Just middle aged worry wart, care taker here.
    Take Care!

  16. Oh my gosh! I am a bad blogger friend! I just read this.... glad to hear things are going well.... you did have the basic necessities of a book lovers survival kit with you! :)