Thursday, October 22, 2009

Word Verification Balderdash (8)

Word Verification Balderdash (8)
Word Verification Balderdash is a weekly meme started by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through A World Of Books.

You know all of those annoying word verifications you have to do when posting comments on certain blogs? Well, playing Balderdash with the words makes everything a little more bearable and fun! Here's how to play: Write down all the word verifications you come across while posting blog comments. You then play Balderdash with them. The definition of Balderdash: An oft used strategy to elect your own fake definition in an attempt to give it credibility in the minds of your fellow players.…in other words, you make up your own definition for the word!

Here are my words for this week:

Wingsta: The newest wings appetizer at TGIF, aimed
at gansta rap fans. Available in smokin' hot BBQ only.

Stossel: An avid fan of TV journalist John Stossel, borderline stalker.

Dolic: Least popular of a new brand of educational
baby dolls. Main feature is incessant crying.


  1. Ahhhh.... you complete me! LOL Love Wingsta... I think they will be a hit!

    And dolic.... LOL thats good stuff! They are so going on clearance!

    Connecting you to the post now :)

  2. Thanks Sheila! Think you're right about the Dolics going in the clearance bins soon!

  3. Great words this week. I hope I never meet a Stossel, the main guy himself already gets on my nerves so I would hate to think what his stalkerish fans would do to me.

  4. this meme is hilarious. I have to try to remember to participate next week! :-)

  5. I want a dolic - as an aunty it is my duty to provide really noisy gifts (in fact, the noisier the better) and this sounds perfect.

  6. LMAO!
    This just cracked me up.
    Great post!

  7. Geez, those wingsta's sound good, lol. I'd be pulling the batteries out of the dolic though.

  8. Ryan - You do NOT want to insult John within hearing distance of a Stossel! Could get ugly. *L*

    Marie - Bet you could come up with some great definitions! Be sure to let Sheila know if you play & she'll link you to her post.

    Petty Writer - You know, that's a great idea! A Dolic for when they're young and a set of drums when they get older!

    Susi - Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. :D

    Jackie - Think the wingstas could be a hit, but the Dolic will probably wind up in the clearance bin.

  9. Oh no! I could not bear to be in the same house as a dolic. I've already been through the colic stage once!

  10. Great words! (Sorry so late in getting to stop by-crazy weekend.) I love wingsta! I am not big on the hot stuff, but I will let my husband and son know, they love it. lol