Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Firsts (3)

Friday Firsts (3)
Friday Firsts is a meme hosted by Well-Read Reviews.

The first line can make or break a reader’s interest. Just how well did the author pull you in to the story with their first sentence? To participate in this weekly book meme is extremely easy.
* Grab the book you are currently reading and open to the first page.

* Write down the first sentence in the first paragraph.

* Create a blog post with this information. (Make sure to include the title & author of the book you are using. Even an ISBN helps!)

* Did this first sentence help draw you into the story? Why or why not?

Here is my Friday Firsts: Huntress (anthology) by Christine Warren, Marjorie M. Liu, Caitlin Kittredge, and Jenna Maclaine

Sitting at the right foot of the devil could give
a girl
a complex about her pedicure.

This is the first sentence of the first story in this anthology. Found it amusing, and it did serve it's purpose of drawing me into the story as I wanted to find out what she was talking about. Devil? Pedicure? Huh? *L*


  1. I thought it was a cute first sentence too. I like a little humor with my occult.

  2. Great first line, that would draw me in!

  3. I got to admit, she's right!

  4. I have this book in my stack to read. I want to get to it, but I want to read both the Iron Hunt books by Marjorie M. Liu first. They all look really good.

    This sentence does sound like it has a little humor in it.

    Enjoy! I look forward to your review on this book as to make me want to get to it faster...