Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thinking About Community - My Version

Found a really interesting post about some of the little things we can do to improve the book blogging community over on Bermudaonion’s Weblog. You can see her original post here.

She's inspired me to come up with a few pledges of my own:

* I will Fave blogs that I enjoy on Technorati. Like Kathy, I don’t really understand Technorati, but having someone fave you is supposed to be a good thing, so will start faving.

* I will give credit to others when appropriate. Whenever I add a new book to my wish list, I’ll include the blog name so I won't forget where I originally discovered the book.

* I will include links when mentioning other bloggers or websites.

* I will send a Tweet on posts I find interesting and think others will enjoy.

* I will comment on posts I’ve enjoyed instead of just reading and moving on.

* I will support other new bloggers by commenting on their posts and following them when possible.

Some of these I'm already doing, but I'm going to try to do them all on a more consistent basis. Going to start right now by sending a tweet about Kathy's post! *L* Can you think of anything else to add to what Kathy has come up with?


  1. Good thoughts. I'm loving this thread of ideas. Thanks!

  2. Love it! I had just read Bermudaonions post too and thought it was well put!

  3. Very cool post! I think these are all things we could try and do!

  4. Great ideas! I also read Bermudaonion's post, and I'm going to try to incorporate these too.

  5. You are so sweet! Sometimes we forget that the small things can make a big difference!

  6. I've "pinged" Technorati a couple of times but never thought about the faves. I'll get on that right away.

    These are great ideas, thanks for sharing them!

  7. That is a great list of ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. What a fantastic group of ideas we should all strive for.

    I also stopped by to let you know you have an award waiting on my blog.