Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reviews: Short & Sweet or Long & Detailed?

While blog hopping the other day, I noticed that some book reviews are very lengthy with lots of details. Other reviews are short and just state if the reviewer liked the book or not, with no details whatsoever. When I came back to my blog, I noticed that my reviews seemed to be getting longer and longer.

Not wanting to bore anyone to tears, I decided that I would keep my next review short & sweet. Trouble is, I'm not sure if I like short & sweet. I really liked this book, but when I tried to explain why, I wound up with way too many paragraphs. Oops! So I pulled out all of the details and just stated that I thought it was a great book. Looking at the review, I'm not happy with it for some reason...

So I'm curious to find out what other people prefer. Are the short & sweet reviews better, because there are so many blogs out there that no one has the time to waste reading a detailed synopsis? Or are the long & detailed reviews better because you want to know the reasons why someone liked a particular book?

Still trying to decide which type I prefer....


  1. I like to keep mine short and sweet, but only because I am very limited in the time I have to write reviews. Plus, if I ever sit down to write a review, someone interrupts me!
    That being said, I enjoy reading reviews written either way.

  2. You know what? I was going to post something like this over on my blog, because as you may know I'm supper new to having my own blog. I did my first review the other day(that you commented on, thanks!). Well, I wasn't sure of how to go about it and I ended up looking around and getting ideas (even on your blog, thanks!). But when it came to writing the review I did what felt right to me, but I still think it needs a little work, because I felt it was a little too short. But then again I've seen blogs where they give Too much away, and I didn't want to do that either. LOL! Anyway, I have enjoyed the few reviews I've read of yours. I don't know, but I think you should do what feels right to you.

    P.S. If there's any advice you could give me that would be really cool! LOL!

    All the best!

  3. What a great questions - I have often asked the same one myself. I think my reviews are inbetween. I think I prefer not too short but not too long, not much help I know. I have seen many reviews that are really lengthy and I just get a little bored also unless very concise a review too short gives away too little. It is a difficult one!

  4. I tend to go for long reviews. I babble a lot :) I realize..if I really loved the book it'll probably be a long review. Or if I rant about it.. :P it's all about mood for me.

    I noticed some people just summarize the story but don't really give a review...I wonder what's up with that? I prefer reading about the book myself.

  5. I'm a detail kind of reader. I want to know why you liked something, but I don't want to know the whole story before I read/watch what is being reviewed.

    I want to know enough detail to get me interested but not so much I feel I already read/watched the subject of the review.

    Not sure if this helps

  6. Hi Alexia! I can't help but feel guilty about writing very detailed reviews. Yes, I agree with you that, sometimes, when writing reviews about a book that you feel strongly about, you get to be carried away with your words.

    I guess one of the main reasons for my writing short reviews is that I don't have anything much to say about the book.

  7. I think mine are in between. I don't think it matters if they are short or long as long as you feel like YOU are getting your feelings/point across to your readers.

    I'll admit sometimes when I see a review that's like 10-15 paragraphs long it makes me not want to read it. :/ That's probably too much information for me, and all I really want to know if it was good or bad and why.

  8. I like a good review - just enough about the book (like back cover info) and then a couple paragraphs mainly on how the book read and maybe how it made you feel.

    Some reviewers give away too much of the book and I actually have to quit reading the review if I ever want to read the book.

    I like additional info on authors or websites if it available.

  9. Mine are getting longer as I go BUT I tend to be in the middle. I copy and paste the synopsis and then go into my thoughts. I try to get right to the point. I also try not to include the synopsis again in my review. It really just depends on the book. I also don't like "Omg, this book ROCKS!" and that's it. At least explain why. And really, that is up to you on how much YOU want to write.

  10. I think I do both, but tend to lean towards a longer review. I will admit though, that if I am reading a longer review and it sounds good, then I will skip to the bottom to read the summary or overall feeling about the book. If it's something I am interested in, then I will tag it and come back to read it in full later. What a great topic!! I've enjoyed reading what others have said!

  11. Am leaning towards the longer reviews because if I really like a book, I want to explain why. Agree with Jaime in that just saying "OMG this book ROCKS!" isn't enough info. Why did it rock? Maybe what rocks your world doesn't rock mine! *L*

    Guess my reviews are still a work in progress...

    Thanks for the great comments everyone! YOU rock! LOL

  12. It sort of depends on the day and it sort of depends on the book. On most days, I prefer to write lengthier reviews, just because I want to fully state which parts of a book work for me and which parts don't. On other days, I feel like there isn't as much to say about a particular book, especially if it's part of a blog tour or if the book has been talked about a lot already.

    And yup, it depends who writes the review too. Some like short reviews, some like the more detailed ones. The nice thing about having your own blog is that you can do whatever you want. Have fun with it. =)

  13. If space is limited, I'd prefer most to see whether the reviewer recommends the book or not, and then some info about the book's flaws rather than its positives if space permits. My initial review of the movie "District 9" the other day was about as short as I'll ever be, coming in at four words:
    'Verdict: Solid movie. Recommended.'