Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meme: How Do People Find My Blog?

I saw this over at J. Kayes Book Blog and it sounded like fun. She saw the meme at True Crime Book Reviews, who found it on 2 Kids and Tired Book Reviews. I love how the blogosphere works!

It had me curious as to what keywords brings people to my site. If you have a Blogger account, Google Analytics can easily be found under your account. Check under Traffic Sources -> Keywords.

Most of mine included titles of books or authors, but there were two that had me a little confused:

"katie allen" "private dicks" - um....what? Turns out that's the name and author of a book. Which I have never heard of, much less mentioned. And you just know that I had to Google it! Linked to my post about winning a tote bag. Huh? - Pretty sure I've never been to this blog before, so don't know why it would link me...

After seeing the strange, interesting, funny links the others had, I don't know if I should be relieved or disappointed! *L*

So what about you? What strange keywords bring traffic to your blog?


  1. One of my keywords was "ear infections." lol

  2. I have just started a new blog in English so I don't have a lot of keywords at the moment. But one seems a bit weird though: "norbit yorkshire pie"

  3. Inspired me to create a new post.. but I'll wait till tomorrow - hehe. :)

    That's funny that those keywords brought people to your site. As for the person who linked to you.. sometimes I link to people even if that person hasn't been to my blog simply for my own "bookmarking" reasons.

    The one keyword that confused me was "Dr. Becky Bailey Safe Zone". I don't even know what that is!!

  4. Pam - ear infections? What a way to find your blog! *L*

    LN - "norbit yorkshire pie" is at least interesting! I'm going to give it a few days, then check again. Maybe if I started posting about strange topics? LOL

    Allison - "Dr. Becky Bailey Safe Zone" is another interesting link! Didn't think about someone maybe bookmarking my site. That probably explains it. Thanks! :)